Hey Blog readers sorry its been a long time since my last post but I have a very good reason.. I got engaged!  But now I'm back on the beauty blogging vibe focusing on my new top skin savior in preparation for the wedding!

 I've recently been sent a couple of  illuMask's.  One for anti- acne and the other for anti-aging. They are light therapy masks you can easily do at home.. which is awesome. I used to pay a lotta- wonga to have light therapy treatments added on to my professional facials so the fact I can do this at home and for not a lot of cash is music to my ears. In a nutshell red and infrared light go deep into skin tissue and stimulate the enzymes that boost skin cells.  All I know is that I've been doing my best Jason from Halloween impression for 15 minutes a pop once a week along with my regular skin care routine and my complexion has never looked better.  

Each mask comes with an attached wand that gives you 30 treatments. It's so relaxing too to just  shut off and take that time to just breathe and be still while the mask does all the work.